A case study on Walmart stores.

What issues does Walmart face?
Are there distinct segments in Walmart’s operations?
What is its current strategy (as of the case study, 2013)?
Who are Walmart’s competitors?
How is Walmart different?
Specifically, in regards to capabilities/resource bundles
Are any of them attractive are acquisition targets?
How attractive is its industry what are the key industry forces and success factors?
Does Walmart have a competitive advantage?
Temporary CA?
Sustainable CA?
What changes could be made to develop a (more) sustainable CA?
Are there resources Walmart or its competitors control that are key to CA?
Financial, Physical, Human, and Organizational?
Temporary CA?
Sustainable CA (VRIO)?
How has Walmart’s history shaped its capabilities/resource bundles (Financial, Physical,
Human, and Organizational)
How does Walmart’s internal environment drive its strategic and tactical decisions
(as highlighted in the case)?
What are potential tactical/strategic options domestically?
Which of Walmart’s capabilities/resources are most important for effective
international expansion?

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