Atrial Fibrillation- Signs & Symptoms

Topic atrial fibrillation
Patient T is a 72 year old male, who presents to the emergency department complaining of increasing shortness of breath, dizziness, and the sensation of his “heart racing.” On admission, his heart rate is 160 bpm, blood pressure 100/50 mm Hg, respiration 24 breaths per minute, oxygen saturation 88% room air. Patient stated that his symptoms started early that morning and had become worse.
1. Diagnostics
2. Treatment
3. Outcome
Topic H1N1
A 40 year old male recently completed a cruise vacation.. He presents with severe bilateral pneumonia.  Has was placed on mechanical ventilation after a positive H1N1 diagnosis.
1. Is ARDS caused by inflammation?  Explain your answer.
2. What are the differences of pulmonary hypertension vs ARDS?

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