Basic Theoretical Perspectives of Sociology

In no less than 2000 words, identify and explain the three basic theoretical perspectives of sociology discussed in the class text. Please incorporate the ideologies of the theorist associated with them in your explanation.
Application and Analysis
Apply each of these perspectives to the condition of poverty and social class in America. Discuss social causes and consequences as seen through the lens of these perspectives and the theorist associated with them. Explain how the various social institutions and individuals are impacted by poverty and social class as part of the human experience in America. Consider life expectancy, school to prison pipeline, education, marriage and divorce, police-community relations, gender, and racial inequality just to name a few possibilities for application.
Please attach a cover page and reference page. Cite all sources in the body of the paper and list all sources on the reference page. Do not copy and paste any part of your source information, passing it as your own. Do not plagiarize. Wikipedia is not to be used as a source of information. Use academic books including the class text, peer-reviewed studies from academic journals, and governmental websites such as FBI Uniform crime reports, Bureau of Vital Statistics, United States Department of Justice, US Census as well other reliable statistical gathering agencies.

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