Beethoven Symphony #5

The paper will be an analysis of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony. This paper will be due at the 7 thWeek class meeting. The student is to listen to Symphony # 5 and analyze the work based upon personal feelings, observations, and material learned in class. The student is to make use of musical vocabulary and elements learned during the course. The student should find the chapter on Beethoven (pp. 176 – 186) and the Orchestral Instruments (Text, pp. Part I) from the text very helpful.
The student will adhere to the following in completing this paper:
• MLA format
• 2 full pages (8.5” x 11”) The student may write more but not less than two pages.
• 12 pt. Font
• Double Spaced
• Use of appropriate practices for quoting and citing material.
• A resources page as the final page of the paper. (In addition to the two pages)
• The Wiggins Library of Campbell University must be used as a Source The paper will be submitted on the blackboard site under Assignments.

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