Carlos bulosan Biographical research paper

Biographical research paper
You need to choose an immigrant to the United States of some note (preferably not someone VERY well known) whose story helps contribute to our larger understanding of how immigrants have a positive impact on the United States. You may take a look at some of the authors listed in our Becoming Americans text. Your thesis statement should reflect your purpose, which is to prove that this person’s story is integral to the “immigrant story.”
You may choose to handle this paper in one of two ways:
The schol­arly chronicle is the most fundamental (and common) type of biographical research with its focus on the historical portrayal of an individual life. This basic research orientation constitutes telling the sub­ject’s story in chronological order with emphasis upon the development of a quest plot (life pattern-stages) and the description of acts of recognition (or notoriety) as the biographer marches through the life of the biographical subject. The scholarly chronicle is often viewed as synonymous with biography; however, this research orientation is markedly different from other forms of biographical inquiry.
Another genre, intellectual biography, forsakes the need for basic chronological structure and develops a narrative of a life through the conceptual analysis of the subject’s motives and beliefs within the world of ideas. Those who write intellectual biography have overcome the interpretive angst of other educational researchers; the intellectual biographer recognizes and accepts the invasive yet justifiable analysis and overcomes the intrusive nature of inquiry with care resulting in self-reflective thoughtfulness and insight.
(These descriptions come from AERA).
The paper should be 5-6 pages and include at least 6 sources. These sources should come primarily through UE library resources and books. 2 may be CREDIBLE Internet sources, but no more than 2 and they must be credible. If you have any question about the credibility of a source, please feel free to ask me.
I strongly recommend signing up for a Research Assistance Program (RAP) appointment to meet with a librarian once you think you know who you’d like to write about. See the link here for the form to sign up.

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