Concept Analysis – Globalisation

Concept Analysis (1,000 words). Deadline: 13:00, 11 March 2021. Concepts lie at the heart of any academic field, and IR is no exception. They help us make sense about the worldand provide a ‘bridge’ between our ideas and the real world. This module will be introducing you to a number of key concepts in IR – as well as some of the debates which swirl around these concepts. This assessment asks youto choose one of these key concepts, and undertake your own research in order to establish the various ways in which the concept is defined and used in the field of IR. You will need to identify and locate appropriate academic sources, engage critically with that material, and construct a piece of writing which conforms to academic conventions.Your analysis needs to be 1,000 words in length, and address the competing meanings of, and debates around, your chosen concept. It needs to be rooted in the field of IR and engage with academic texts which address or use the concept. The concept is globalisation. Your concept analysis should address the following aspects:

  1. ➢ Who are the main IR theorists who explore this topic
    ➢ What do they say about this concept?
    ➢ What are the connections between your chosen concept and other key concepts in IR

    1. In assessing the concept analysis, staff will consider the degree to which:▪ The student’s characterisation of the relevant concept is accurate
      ▪ The student has engaged with appropriate academic sources
      ▪ The student has considered a range of definitions, uses and perspectives relating to the concept▪ The analysis is logically and coherently structured
      ▪ The student has adhered to scholarly conventions in citing sources and producing a bibliography

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