Criminology-Social Learning Theory

Individual Presentations due on Thursday, 18 March 2021
MF – It can be argued that an individual is a product of his/her
environment. Use the social learning theory to emphasise how it is
possible for children to deveop deviant behaviour.
SD – Critically discuss the contribution of the positivist school to the
study of Criminlogy and the understanding of the stereotypical criminal.
NG – Critically discuss the contribution of the classical school to the
discipline and the understanding of crime and criminal justice as we
know it today.
Presentations should be 12-15 minutes followed by questions and
answers then a general discussion.
Presentations will be marked using the following rubric:
Content: A relevant and accurate information presented; presentation
demonstrates the individual’s understanding of the question.
Information used must demonstrate critical thinking/ logical
assessment (15 marks)
Organization: Introduction that gives the audience a useful background
to the presentation; appropriate conclusion that provides closure;
material presented in a logical sequence; (3 marks)
Creativity: Effective/appropriate use of supporting media (e.g. charts,
pictures, diagrams, multimedia presentations) (1 mark)
References: Reference list must be provided; accurate use of APA
format (1 mark)

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