CSS 300 Module 1 Lab Activity

CSS 300 Module 1 Lab Activity Worksheet
Use this worksheet to complete your lab activity. Submit it to the applicable assignment submission folder when complete.

  • Answers to the questions in Part 1
  • An image of the results from Part 2

Part 1 – Getting to Know a Dataset

Download the US Weather Events dataset. You can find out more about this dataset at Kaggle’s US Weather Events (2016-2019).
Answer these questions to understand the US Weather Events dataset:

  1. Where did the data come from? Is it static, or will it be updated on a consistent basis? Is it reliable?


  1. Check the dimensions of the table. How many columns (aka – “Features”) are there? How many rows (aka – “records”?


  1. What are the data types of each column? Are they continuous/numeric (numbers with a decimal point)? Are they integer (whole numbers)? Are they categorical (non-numeric, often text)?

Part 2 – Importing a Dataset in Python

If you need Python follow this link:

  1. Import the Pandas package using the Anaconda install option: https://docs.continuum.io/anaconda/
  2. Launch the Anaconda Application on your computer
  3. Launch the Jupyter Application within Anaconda
  4. Navigate to the folder with the dataset and run a New Python 3 Terminal within Jupyter
  5. Import dataset from Part 1 by using the following code:

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv(“US_WeatherEvents_2016-2019.csv”)

  1. Print the data to the screen by using the following code:


  1. Print more information for the dataset by using the following code:

Submit your ipynb file to D2L by the deadline.

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