Experience giving Birth-Interview-Education

Interview two mothers to ask them about their experience giving birth. If possible, interview one who experienced complications, such as an emergency c-section or a newborn who needed intensive care. Due to COVID, please conduct these interviews via phone or video. Ask the following questions of each mother:
*Describe the experience you had during pregnancy, and any complications or challenges you experienced.
*How did you know you were in labor?
*How long did the birth process take? Describe the various stages if you remember them.
*Where was your child born, and who else was present for the birth of your child?
*Describe the opportunities for bonding or breastfeeding your child immediately after delivery.
*How long did you stay in the hospital, and how long did it take you to recover?
*How do you feel about the experience in general?
*What was particularly positive about your experience? Do you wish something had been different about the experience?
After your interviews, summarize in writing the answers of each mom you interviewed on paper in one page each. Then write an additional two page minimum reflection, connecting what you learned to concepts and ideas from your text. You must include at least three short related quotes with page numbers from the textbook in the reflection portion of the assignment.

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