Flu Vaccine

  1. Describe the main types of flu vaccines, how they work, and which is more effective.
    1. Inactivated/recombinant
    2. High dose
    3. Flu shot grown in cell culture instead of chicken egg
    4. Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV)
  2. Consider the flu vaccine. Each year, different versions of the flu vaccination are released. Describe why this is the case and how the different strains are decided upon each year.
  3. This year, the vaccine was quadrivalent. Describe what quadrivalent means. Additionally, list and describe the viruses included in this year’s vaccine. describe the signs/symptoms of the flu.
  4. Describe “the deal” with vaccines and autism in a paragraph or so.
  5. Provide your opinion on the effectiveness of vaccines and whether they are safe.
  6.  at least two references in MLA format with full htmls.

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