Forensic Psychology FINAL PAPER

A. Legal Case Briefing: Miranda v. Arizona
Case are to be researched using Lexis Nexis, obtainable via the Kean online library databases. Provide a copy of the case from Lexis Nexis. In a 5-page paper (or presentation), you are to provide the following analysis:

  1. Facts: In your own words, provide a statement of the relevant facts of the case, including the parties involved.
  2. Issues: What is the legal question the court is trying to answer in the case? Phrase the issue as a question, as narrowly and accurately as possible. It is not enough, for example, to ask whether the defendant is liable or whether the judgment of the lower court should be reversed.

3. Judgment: This is the court’s ruling, what the court ultimately decided or
for which party it ruled. The judgment should answer the question posed as the issue.
4. Reasons: This is your synopsis of why the court decided the case as it did. This should be in your own words.
5. Critique: Provide your opinion of the case and outcome. Do you agree with the ruling? What are the potential outcomes of the court’s ruling?
Due Monday 9pm eastern time!

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