Implement Change Management Plan Project-Assessment Task 3

Assessment Task 3: Implement change management plan project

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Task summary
As SAMSOM Media change management team, you will need implement some change management activities detailed in your project plan, namely

  • Training in the change management process
  • Communication activities

This assessment will be completed in the simulated environment in the RTO.
Criteria to be competent

  • Students must complete all the activities listed and be assessed satisfactorily against the assessment criteria included in the checklist included with this task.


  • Computer with Microsoft Office and internet access
  • This document
  • Your assessment task 2

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Q1 – Why are the colour of the Australian flag?

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The colours of the Australian flag are red, blue, and green

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Revised Answer attempt 2
The colours of the Australian flag are blue, white, and red

Read the case study scenario carefully to answer the assessment questions.

Assume that the change management plan that was adopted by Samson Media includes training and development for staff in several areas including providing training to SAMSON Media on the change management process with the view to reduce resistance to change.
The training should be delivered over an eight-week period for approximately 2 hours a week. You have also identified that experts such as motivational speakers could also be hired / accessed to assist with resources and team building exercises should be incorporated.
In your role at the Change Management Team, you must prepare a brief to the human resources department to present the proposed training.
As you believe there is resistance to the proposed training due to a general resistance to the changes among SAMSOM Media staff, you will also develop a communication to be sent to all staff promoting participation in the upcoming training.

Complete the following activities:
Part 1:  Develop a Change Management Training Brief for the HR Department using the                   template provided below
Part 2: Prepare an email to communicate details and benefits of the training to staff
Part 3: Submit the training brief to the HR Manager
Part 4:  Prepare a staff newsletter (activity specified in the communication plan – Assessment        task 2 ) to update SAMSON Media staff on the change activities within the organisation
Part 1 – Change Management Training Brief for HR Dpt

1.     Outline the benefits of change management team building
(support your response with references from literature)
Change the board possibly offers numerous advantages. It support a smooth progress from the old to the new and gives you a layout to follow for aiding your staff and your association adjust to change.
Survey and comprehend the need and the effect of progress.
·         Adjust assets inside the business to help the change.
·         Deal with the assorted expense of progress.
·         Diminish the time expected to actualize change.
·         Uphold staff and assist them with understanding the change cycle.


2.     What do the content for team building training include?
Group building is an aggregate term for different sorts of exercises used to upgrade social relations and characterize jobs inside groups, regularly including community oriented errands. It is unmistakable from group preparing, which is planned by a Consolidate of business chiefs, learning and advancement/OD (Internal or outer) and a HR Business Partner (if the job exists) to improve the effectiveness, as opposed to relational relations. Many group building practices mean to uncover and address relational issues inside the group.
·         After some time, these exercises are intended [by whom?] to improve execution in a group based environment.
·         Team building is one of the establishments of hierarchical advancement that can be applied to gatherings, for example, sports groups, school classes, military units or flight teams. The formal definition [which?] of group building incorporates.
Ø  adjusting around objectives
Ø  building viable working connections
Ø  lessening colleagues’ job vagueness
Ø  discovering answers for group issues


3.Suggest at least two experts who could assist in providing training
Ensure to include theory and practice, including team building exercises
The reason for group building exercises is to spur your kin to cooperate, to build up their qualities, and to address any shortcomings. Thus, any group building activity ought to energize coordinated effort as opposed to rivalry. Make certain to fuse group incorporating into your working environment schedules and practices.


4.Suggest two team building exercises that the change management team could do with the various teams at SAMSOM Media to help with acceptance of changes
·         Advanced innovation has put more significance on cooperation on account of the manner in which the present labor force works together across distances. Organizations of all sizes are utilizing group building exercise for work to make these joint efforts more grounded whether they are in various areas or in a solitary office.
·           With regards to the working environment, understanding your kindred representatives, how they think and why they figure the manner in which they do can make correspondence simpler. Fast group building exercises unite gatherings to make this conceivable in an easygoing setting without a ton of pressing factor.


5. Explain how best to promote the training to staff?
There are a wide range of ways that you can uphold staff in building up their insight and mastery. Here are five key procedures to consider:

·          Face-to-face coaching: Quite possibly the most well-known approaches to give nonstop learning openings is by orchestrating eye to eye preparing. This could be at an outer scene or at your own workplaces. Meetings can shift contingent upon your prerequisites and gathering sizes can be anyplace from enormous assembly rooms with introduction style educating, to customized one-on-one learning.

·         Online-based learning: Another mainstream approach is internet preparing, as it permits staff to complete their learning at a time and place that suits them. It can fit around jobs and can be a savvy alternative, as it doesn’t need an actual coach or any movement costs.
·         Personal development; Persistent learning shouldn’t simply fall on your business to start. Workers ought to be urged to search out their own chances to update their abilities. These techniques don’t need to be tedious or exorbitant. It tends to be just about as straightforward as tuning in to an applicable web recording, joining to a free online course, going to an industry occasion, perusing industry news by means of Twitter, or beginning a blog.


6.Outline a possible timeline to conduct team building activities  (using the information provided in the scenario earlier in this document)

  Team A      Team B Team c
Face –to-Face coaching Every week
(1-2 hours)
Every week
(1-2 hours)
Every week
(1-2 hours)
Online-based learning Every Month
(2.5 hours)
Every Month
(2.5 hours)
Every Month
(2.5 hours)
Personal development Every 3 Months
(3-4 hours)
Every 3 Months
(3-4 hours)
Every 3 months
(3-4 hours)


   Part 2 – Send an email to all staff (your assessor)
                 to promote the training

Send an email to all staff at SAMSON Media to promote participation, rationale for the training and its benefits of training.
–       Outline contents of training
–       Outline delivery schedule
–       Outline benefits and incorporate relevant references from the change management literature about overcoming resistance to inform your response. Use the ideas that you have researched to overcome resistance to change. This may be the same literature you identified in Assessment Task 2.
As a guide, your email should be between 3 to 4 paragraphs long.
Ensure your email uses business like, free of errors English language. Your email should include a clear subject
Subject: Change management awareness training

Part 3 – Submit training brief to HR Manager

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.
The email text should give a summary of the attachment, and the changes that you have made to the attachments.
Make reference to the attached brief your human resources brief to the email.

Part 4 – Staff newsletter


Assessment Task 4 Checklist


Student’s name:
Did the student: Completed successfully Comments
Yes No
Implement actions from the change management plan by completing the activities required?
Identify appropriate team building exercises that can assist with resistance to change, as well as embedding change?
Develop information for staff to assist with facilitating embracing of change and to encourage participation in change management processes?


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