In-House Vs. Outsourced Case Study

Deliverables: Two page report. The report should be in a pdf format and related to your readings and the case study [click here to view the case study].
You report should answer the questions below:
1- What are the factors that I need to consider when I select in-house vs outsourced IT solution?
2-Identify the key decision drivers?
3-What are the utilized solutions for decision making?
4-Which CSOs are considered?
Each written assignment must be in PDF format, have a 11pt- 12pt font size, be double spaced and submitted on the scheduled due date. assignments and/or papers that are submitted after the due date will be automatically reduced in score by twenty percent (20%) before they are read. All written reports must be submitted with a cover sheet (Please see the following template). Failure to include a cover sheet will result in an automatic reduction in points. The cover sheet must include the following information:
Student Name:
Course Name:
Course ID Number:
The Assignment Name:
The Date:

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