Information Technology 15-20 Page Paper

  • Each student will be required to produce a 15-20 page (double-spaced) final paper connecting to the theoretical and/or methodological interests of the course. As an example of this project, reflect on some of the business examples and business issues presented in the class. Is there a business that requires a transformation in its system technology and design? Is there a way to make the business more efficient and perhaps safe using business information systems such as CRM, security or even producing a cyber hacking policy? Please use the course text and lecture materials as your guide. I have intentionally left considerable room for choice here, and ALL students are strongly encouraged to consult with me as early as possible in developing a topic.
    1. Per standard university guidelines governing plagiarism and academic honesty, all work for the course is expected to be original or appropriately acknowledged.
    2. 15-20 page (double-spaced) – not including Title Page and References
    3. Seek quality in the paper and do not be concerned about quantity. There are no lost points for writing more.
    4. Title Page and Reference Page Must Be Included
    5. All references must follow APA criteria – use Citation Machine to assist you
    6. Please review all Spelling, Grammar and Plagiarism – use to assist you
    7. Ensure you have a good introduction – tell me what the paper will derive, tell me what you decide to prove or tell me then tell me.
    8. Ensure you have good presentation points where necessary use subheadings to help you transition from topic to topic.
    9. Have a good conclusion that summarizes your arguments and assertions

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