Macro Environment Analysis & Strategic Leadership

Macro Environment Analyses
Use the PESTEL framework, to discuss and analyze how three of the forces in the macro-environment (e.g., macroeconomic, technological, demographics, etc.) have significantly impacted this business — TONY’s EXPRESS, its operations, processes, target market reach, survival, and profitability during the last year.
Refer to Ch. 2 External Analysis, The “Macro-environment” 
Provide about one paragraph for each force and your justification. 
Do not provide textbook information (e.g., the definitions, etc.) but use the knowledge offered in the textbook to develop your response.
You get credit for this question only if you justify your answers by citing reliable information from valid sources (websites, online articles, databases, etc.). check out these suggestions
Using valid sources to justify your answers is not enough. You should cite the sources correctly to avoid plagiarism. 
Make sure you paraphrase the information in your words. Do not use quotation marks and exact repetition of what the sources say more than once.

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