Managing Real Options with Emerging Technologies

Managing Real Options with Emerging Technologies

In this assignment, you will consider a framework for identifying and developing technology-based business opportunities in new areas for a company and discuss how this framework could be applied to different domains of industry and technologies. Using the framework and concepts you learned from your Week 4 readings, you will also discuss the process by which real options are developed and exercised.


From the South University Online Library, read the following article:

On the basis of your reading, address the following:

  • Identify the emerging technologies mentioned in this paper. Describe the particular problems the technologies intended to address.
  • Discuss how the framework, principles, and mechanisms discussed in this paper could be applied to other domains of industry and other technologies. Stress the aspects of the framework that are generic compared to those that may need to be adapted on a technology-specific basis.
  • Describe how a real options framework is created. Discuss how uncertainties are viewed as opportunities that increase value. Analyze how real options are developed and managed.
  • Consider the assertion that Net-Present-Value (NPV) and other Discounted-Cash-Flow (DCF) approaches fail to recognize the value-creating characteristics of emerging technology investments. Explain this assertion and analyze whether the paper addresses the limitation of NPV versus real options.

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