Mississippi House Bill The “Trauma-Informed Schools Act” 427

 Mississippi House Bill The “trauma-informed Schools Act” 427

Policy Model Paper

Students will analyze a policy of choice using a Value Based Criterion” / Ethical Rationale model and the Six Step Policy Analysis Framework defined and described in the text “by Bruce Jansson, chapters: 2, 7 and 8. See Haynes & Mickelson text, Chapter 5 also.

The paper must include the following headings:

  • Introduction
    • a. Legislation – State name and introduce the legislation you selected.
    • b. Explanation of Model to Be Used (Value Based Criterion) Ch. 2
  • Policy Analysis : Using the Policy Practice Framework on page 71 and your policy, respond to each of the Tasks (1-8) on how you would use a System’s approach to policy making. Make sure you address the contextual factors of Opportunities and Constraints or Trade offs with each step. Each step should be addressed individually. Finally, select a policy style and tell how you would use it to advocate for your topic (Pg. 84)
  • Policy Evaluation (using the Consumer Outcome, Economic, & Feasibility Criterias, Chapter 8, Jansson – pg 269)
  • Recommendations/ Alternative  Measures: Create a Decision-Making Matrix with at least 3 alternative options. Your Matrix should explore a) Policy Options b) Costs for each options c) Effectiveness of each options -supported by research d) Ease of implementation – opportunities & constraints e) Political Feasible  – Page 270
  • Conclusion-what did you learn
  • Implications for Social work practice – how can social workers use this knowledge

(5 – 7 pages) 100 points. At Least 6 scholarly references. APA Format

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