MNCs and Global Industrial Relations contex

  1. Team Project – Due Week 11 Monday 11:59AM – 30%

Topic – Team Report – MNCs and Global Industrial Relations context (30%)
Students will write a 1500-word report concerning the following issues:
Q1. How do the MNCs adopt/face/respond to Industrial relations/labour relations policies of host countries they operate in, especially if the parent country and host countries have contrasting views on the role of unions? (For instance, Home country is low unionized/anti-union and Host country is unionized/pro-union and vice versa)
Q2. Based on your research provide suggestion on how the MNCs can overcome the industrial relation challenges faced in host country.
Report should be based on multiple real life MNC examples and/or country/region wide discussions. Descriptive assignments will be marked down. Provide a very short introduction one paragraph half- page only. Your focus should be on Q1 as that’s your main analysis. Include proper in-text citations and APA style referencing for all sources. A minimum of 15 references are required. Follow the APA Report style but DONOT include executive summary – This way you can use your 1500 words towards analysis.
Requirements:  TEAM CHARTER – GROUP SUBMISSION – You are required to submit team charter for the team project after you have finalized your team members (only one charter per team). You should agree on meeting times, team goals, allocation of tasks and deadlines for work submission. Signing the charter means you all agree to the goals and tasks. Hand over the team charter to your instructor in week 5 using ‘dropbox’ submission available in week 5.
TEAM EVALUATIONS –  INDIVIDUAL SUBMISSION – In week 10 each team member will separately submit the team evaluation form using ‘dropbox’ submission. Inform your instructor right away if any team member is not cooperating and not performing the assigned tasks. After the result is out instructor will not be responsible for any group conflicts that were not communicated in advance.
Each team has to have 5 members strictly – A team with less than 5 people will not be accepted by instructor and your paper will not be checked. If you have a serious issue that requires exception contact your instructor right away and seek permission/approval.
Assessment Criteria:
You will be marked for the following:

  1. Clarity: Refers to clarity of writing – How easily understandable your concepts are. How grammatically correct the entire project is. Although simple, error free English is okay but at post grad level you are required to write in formal/academic style.
  2. References/Sources: You are required to use at least 15 references for the team project (at least 6 of 15 references should be academic/peer reviewed)
  3. Formatting: Assignment should adhere to the APA formatting style; Times new roman, font size 12, double spacing. You should also know the difference between essay/paper and report.
  4. Coherence: Since this is a team project, this should not look like different pieces of writing put together. The paper should have connectivity, good transitions and coherence through out.
  5. Analysis: Analysis is at the heart of paper – this project requires you to analyse either regions or multinational companies and their union relations globally. You must focus your analysis on region specific/company specific knowledge. Theoretical assignments will be marked down. Use as many region specific/company specific examples as you can.
  6. Paper requirements: Lastly, you will be assessed based on whether or not you have answered the questions being asked AND whether your group understood the paper requirements or not.


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