Personnel Planning and recruiting

Assignment #5 – Chapter 5
Please answer these questions to the best of your ability using the information that you gathered from
reading the chapter, along with information from your own work experience.
1. In your own words, what does personnel planning and recruiting entail? Why is personnel
planning an important function of the human resources department with regards to the organization
as a whole? What are three potential negative outcomes that might happen to a company that does
not do this well? Please explain.
2. Thinking like a manager and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of internal versus external
recruiting, tell me which you would prefer to do when hiring. Pick one or the other. Why did you
choose the one you picked? What might be a few advantages and disadvantages of choosing this
policy? Please explain.
3. Please watch the following video on succession planning at Virgin:

a. Why is succession planning so important for Virgin? Explain.
b. Based on the video, what steps has Virgin taken to ensure a smooth transition to new leadership? Do
you believe that this is a good model that can be used at other organizations? Explain your answer.

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