Stranger in a Strange Land Ethnography

Pick ONE option, and write at least 2 FULL pages (12 point font, single or double-space font). This assignment is the equivalent of a quiz (25 points). You must identify which option you are selecting.
Try to have some fun.
Option 1. Documentary
View a documentary or non-fiction TV show that studies some aspect of multicultural or cross-cultural existence and/or communication. Name the show, why you chose it, and a little about the culture or cultural aspect the show explores. Describe how this show taught you something new and interesting about this culture and how this culture communicates, and if you like, explain how the subject spoke to you in some way. If you would like to do this with others, Netflix Party is easy to facilitate for multiple viewers – you can all watch the same video and see one another’s reactions; but everyone still writes their own paper.
Option 2. Reality Show Ethnography
Watch a few episodes (at least 2) of a reality show that depicts a family or social group and their daily life. Observe their behaviors and practices, and try to document their cultural identity.  Also try to identify which characteristics make them unique as individuals within this cultural identity. Are their personal communication styles aided by their cultural values/identity, or do these cultural norms get in the way? Give some examples. You may do this assignment with others via Netflix Party as well, but again, please write your own paper.
Option 2. Stranger in a Strange Land Ethnography
Pretend you’re an ethnographer/anthropologist from another place studying a new and strange culture, OR that you’re an alien from another planet who has just crashed on Earth and seeking to blend in (E.T. style). Either way, you have to document the behaviors and practices of people around you totally objectively (not interpreting what you see, just describing it – as if you don’t know what’s going on but you have to record your experiences. You may provide some theories as to what cultural behaviors you’re observing. Have fun with this, and feel free to be creative or funny. You can discuss any situation you find yourself in – a family dinner, watching the neighbors or people passing by, a trip to the grocery store, etc. You may provide a photo of your surroundings or subjects if you like.

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