Portfolio Project – Solution in Juvenile Justice System

These instructions were in your Syllabus where all of the other ones were, I am not sure why some of you could not locate them but here they are again. I also went over these in class.
Portfolio Project
There are two (2) options to complete the Portfolio Project. Choose only one (1) option to complete the assignment. Identify your assignment choice in the title of your submission.
Option 1: Solution in Juvenile Justice System
Analyze a major problem facing today’s juvenile justice system and evaluate a way in which the juvenile justice system has or has not addressed the problem. Propose a solution to the issue that you have selected.
Some possible topics for this project include:
• disproportionate minority confinement
• recidivism
• gang issues
• growing influence of female gangs
• drug use
• juvenile curfews
• zero tolerance policy for/with school searches
• socio-economic factors affecting delinquency
• parental liability for juvenile offenses.
Option 2: Restorative Topics and Community Justice
Analyze the topics of restorative justice and community justice. Be sure to include how these new directions are changing the old trial and punishment model of court and correction processes in the juvenile justice system. Also, evaluate whether or not these approaches provide solutions to current issues in juvenile justice.
Your project must include:
• An introduction to summarize and define your topic, including a clear statement of the problem or issue of concern.
• Summaries of current, relevant research from at least six credible sources (which can be found in the Brevard College Library).
• Discussion of the implications of proposed solutions for the juvenile justice system.
• Your evaluation and conclusions regarding possible methods of managing or addressing the problem. You are encouraged to add your own opinions; however, those opinions should be carefully considered, logical, and supported by evidence or outside rationale.
Paper Requirements:
• five to six pages in length, not including cover and reference pages
• Formatted according to APA Style Guidelines
• Cite a minimum of six scholarly sources to support your responses that are not provided in, or linked from, the course.

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