Research Paper On ROBOTICS

1. What to Submit
1. A Research Guide Structured paper
a. Title Page
 Running head: uppercase research title (no more than 50 characters)
 Research Title (The narrowed focus determined from the main topic selected)
 Your name
 Course information
 Professor’s Information
b. Blank page
c. Abstract
One paragraph describing the research to be conducted
Keywords: max 5
d. Blank page
e. Table of Contents
f. Chapter 1
 Include 1 paragraph as the introduction
 Problem statement
 Include 1 paragraph describing the problem you plan to research
 Relevance and significance
 Include 1 paragraph describing the research goal
 Research questions
 Add no more than 2 research questions as they relate to your research
g. Chapter 2
h. Chapter 3
i. Chapter 4
j. Chapter 5
k. References
 Include at least 5 peer-reviewed journal references
 NO websites

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