research proposal on female leadership in the context of asia

Need to write minimum 2000 words to maximum 3000 words of research proposal on female leadership in the context of asia .This research should contain all the following as a main headings.
Executive Summary of the Research Project: In one paragraph state the purpose of the research, the research approach and the conclusion from the project. Introduction:
The introduction should provide an overview of the research project and issues addressed by the research. Place your project in conversation with other projects on similar topics.
Justification for the Research: Provide justifications for your project by explaining the need for the research, why your proposed research is important and what is the expected contribution of your research to the field of study.
Review of literature: The literature review should address and synthesise the relevant literature and prior research in the parent disciplines and relevant sub-disciplines. I
Identification and definition of key terms: All key terms used need to be identified and definitions justified.
Evaluation of current theory and practice: Critically evaluate the current theories relevant to the research and identify gaps and related issues that the research project will address.
Research Objectives: State the general purpose of the project and outline the specific objectives you want to achieve by undertaking the research project.
Research Questions: Specify the key research questions you want to address in your research project. These questions should be consistent with your objectives.
Statement of the Research Problem: Clearly define your research problem. This section must address the following questions: “What is the gap that needs to be filled?” and/or “What is the problem that needs to be solved.
Statement of proposed research methodology: Outline the proposed research methodology such as quantitative methods, qualitative methods, or mixed methods. Also outline your research paradigm, research design, research strategy, sampling design, data collection method, and data analysis method. You must provide justifications for all your methodological decisions.
Statement of data sources and data collection methods: Outline how you propose to collect data for your research. Ensure this is a practical proposition and that you have taken account of the time required to collect data and any costs associated with data collection.
Evaluation of all ethical considerations: Identify the ethical concerns you anticipate and demonstrate how you will address them.
Statement of Expected Research Contribution: Prepare a statement outlining what is the expected contribution of your research project to the filed of research in the areas of theoretical development, methodological practice, leadership and / or management practice, policy or regulatory development or other areas of contribution.
Research timetable: Develop a timetable that will enable you to complete your proposed research thesis within the two semesters of study for the Master of Business Research thesis. This timetable must be realistic and you will be held accountable to meeting this timetable by your supervisors.
Bibliography: The research proposal should be supported by an extensive bibliography comprising at a minimum 30 references.

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