Robert F Kennedy speech analysis

Robert F Kennedy
Chief Art Acevedo
George Floyd death: Black activist delivers powerful message to 16-year-old protester in viral video
Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC
Emma Gonzalez’s powerful March for Our Lives speech in full

  1. Listen to at least 2 speeches.  Pick one speech to respond to the questions below.
  1. What is your reaction?  Happy, sad, moved, inspired, troubled, etc.  Why?
  1. Examine the speech in the context of the eight elements of communication from Chapter 4 Effective Business Writing – source, receiver, message, channel, feedback, context, and interference.  What elements are present or not present and what is the impact if any on the speech?
  1. Examine the speech in the context of Aristotle’s Rhetorical Elements – Cognate Strategies – Logos (Clarity [clear understanding], conciseness [key points], and arrangement [order, hierarchy, placement]; Ethos (credibility [character, trust], expectations [norms and anticipated outcomes]; and reference [sources and frames of reference]; and Pathos (tone [expression], emphasis [relevance], and engagement [relationship].
  1. Compare and contrast the different speeches relative the eight elements of communication and Rhetorical Elements and Cognate Strategies.  Given the era, time and environment of the speech did it match the moment?  Prepare a brief information speech to deliver in the report out. Outline the report out relative to the eight elements of communication and or rhetorical elements and cognate strategies.
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