Should government regulate advertising?.

Continuous Assessment (CA) – Topic 2 – Semester 2 2020-2021
Course: ENGL. 112
Write at least 200 words on the following research topic:
Why do you think the government should regulate advertising?
Student instructions:
 Write your answer in your OneDrive Microsoft Word template
 Think of 4 ideas related to this topic, and then write them in your First Draft
 Complete the task, meeting the task deadline
 You must meet the full word count in both drafts
 You MUST use the feedback from your teacher when you write your Final
Draft answer
 Write your Final Draft answer in your OneDrive Microsoft Word template,
meeting the task deadline
 Outside of class practice for your oral presentation of topic 2
 During class, in week 12, orally present your Final Draft
Common First Year
English Language Skills Department
King Saud University

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