STATISTICS Question & Answers- Recomended


  1. Find a paper in a scholarly journal that uses a nonparametric method. It doesn’t have to be a method that we talked about it class.
  2. The subject of the article can be anything of interest to you. However, the article must use a nonparametric method to analyze the data presented in the article.
  3. Write a paper summarizing the results of the scholarly paper (from step 1), explaining the method, and giving an example of the method on a data set.
  4. The data set can be the one used in the paper, if it is readily available. Otherwise, you can use a similar data set that is appropriate for the method. You can also simulate a data set if the other two options don’t work out.
  5. Any code you write must be included with the paper submission.
  6. The paper must also be included

In summary, upload three files
1. Your written project
2. The paper from which you obtained the data or the idea for the project
3. a text file with any R code.

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