The Five Pillars Of Islam

For this module, you will write and submit a thoughtful and detailed essay, of at least 1500 words, in response to the specific assigned essay question provided below.
The assigned essay question is drawn directly from both of this module’s two Explorations. Your essay should provide a relevant, thorough, and detailed response to the question below, drawing directly upon both of our Exploration readings in carefully crafting your response.


  1. Write and submit a thoughtful, thorough, substantial essay, of at least 1500 words, in direct response to the assigned essay question below. The essay should have a focused and clear thesis statement, including your claim and several specific supporting points.
  2. Draw directly upon our two Explorations for this module in carefully crafting your detailed response to the essay question.
  3. In responding to the question, carefully review, reflect upon, and attempt to integrate material drawn from BOTH of this module’s Explorations (7 & 8).
  4. Please, double-space your essay, and include your name at the top of its first page.
  5. Be sure to duly CITE any additional outside sources you might also choose to draw upon in writing your essay (whether directly quoting from them, or merely paraphrasing from them).
  6. CCCOnline automatically scans all student papers with plagiarism detection software. Avoid plagiarism by ensuring that any/all verbatim passages drawn from sources are always presented as direct quotes (within quotation marks), and also that both direct quotes, as well as paraphrased material, are followed by in-text citations identifying their sources.
  7. Don’t forget to include a bibliography or “works cited” page at the end!
  8. Carefully proofread your essay prior to submission, in order to correct any typos, spelling errors, or grammatical glitches.
  9. Review the Essay Rubric prior to submitting your assignment.
  10. See the Course Schedule for module start/end dates and all due dates.
  11. Submit your outline to the Assignment Submission Folder before its deadline when the module closes (by 11:59 PM MST on the module’s last day).

Essay Question

Consider the exploration of Islam in this Module and do some additional research and reading to respond to the following essay prompts:

  • What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Describe them in some depth and detail.
  • Going beyond superficial description of what they physically entail, what might their pious performance mean on a deeper level to devout Muslims?
  • Beyond just mechanically or obediently “going through the motions” of fulfilling them as religious obligations, How might the Five Pillars impact, enrich, reinforce, or more deeply and meaningfully “resonate” with the spiritual life of thoughtful, reflective, and faithful Muslims?

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