Written Program Proposal

Event Proposal – (total 950 points) – Proposal Material (700) – NOTE:  Proposal must be turned in in PDF 
This is to create a proposal for the contract to produce a special event. You will prepare both a written presentation and an oral sales pitch of your proposal.  Each element of the proposal will be described and reviewed in class.
The program may be of your choosing, provided it falls within the following criteria:

  • Only one venue/space is needed
  • It is recommended that yours be an inside event (balconies, terraces, adjacent gardens may be used – no parks or streets) – note, this is because outside events are much more complex to plan; if you have your heart set on an outside event, you may do one, but understand the bar you are setting for yourself is higher
  • The event length is recommended to be only one afternoon or one evening; definitely not more than one weekend
  • Minimum of 45 in attendance, maximum 2500
  • Food and beverage must be included (may be served or as concession)
  • There must be a “wow” factor that will encourage people to remember the event. Occasionally this may be done by the quality of food, but for this assignment, it must go beyond this and include décor, program schedule and/or content, setting, etc.
  • Please, no conferences or conventions. Consumer shows are acceptable, but again, these are more complex events and we don’t cover in this class much of what you’d need to know.
  • No social events (Weddings, wedding receptions, anniversary parties, quinceaneras, bar/bat mitzvahs) as much of this (venue, colors, style, etc.) is determined by the group for which the event is being done, and proposals for such events are done differently.
  • Fundraising for Susan G. Komen Foundation is not permitted either, as each semester there are many of these “think pink” proposals – think creative! Something new!

A strong emphasis should be given to creativity.  This is worth 650 points, so obviously it is the big project of the course.  Note that this is NOT an academic report – this is a presentation for consideration by a client, and its format and design should reflect that. Material to be included:

  • Proposal Cover page and overall package presentation (attractive front for proposal package) – 25 points for cover page;
  • Overall Attractiveness/Uniqueness of Proposal (proposals fight for attention; this is what sort of “wow” factor provided by your proposal &/or how it is delivered) 100 points for overall presentation professionalism, creativity, appropriateness, and quality)
  • Business cover letter – in appropriate business format, with letterhead – 50 points
  • Specifications sheet – just facts of what, where, why, when, who. Also included are a creativity clause and an expiration clause. – 25 points
  • Event Description – event details written for sales, including pictures and attention to what about the event will give it the needed “wow” factor? – 100 points
  • Food and Beverage menu selections (this will be a part of the event description in most cases, and may include menu suggestions and specialty drink suggestions) – 25 points
  • Illustration/floor plan – to scale, showing not only space but the proposed set-up within that area – 100 points
  • Investment (Budget) – This involves identifying all costs related to the proposed event, and the addition of your planning charges in one of several ways to be discussed in class. Note that this needs to be broken down in detailed fashion (i.e., a line item of “décor” is not acceptable – what items are being used to create the décor? For “lighting”?  For “staffing”? etc.)  Dollar figures do NOT need to be assigned, but completeness and detail of what items and services need to be accounted for is important. – 100 points
  • References (not in an academic sense, but attributing where pictures used in event proposal were obtained – a critical element in actual proposals; otherwise, it appears that the photos used to support your concept are from previous events you have done; this can become a serious legal question. All that is needed is to identify each photo with the website from which it was obtained) – 25 points.
  • Overall Program Concept (is this a “doable” event? Is there a uniqueness to it to distinguish it from other, similar events?) – 100 points – NOTE: This is NOT a separate section of the proposal, but instead points awarded in an evaluation of how practical the idea is.
  • Creativity – (example: not just another silent auction).  Show how you can enhance the guest experience for the client’s guests – 50 points – NOTE:  This is NOT a separate section of the proposal, but instead points awarded in an evaluation of how creative the idea is.

The “Preparing a special event proposal” pdf is an example of how it should look. 

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